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Gefico: “Undoubtedly, our main strength is our team”

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Gefico is a “leading company” that designs, develops and supplies water treatment solutions, with more than 7000 offshore and inland installations.
Over the last 35 years, Gefico has been manufacturing equipment for diverse sectors such as maritime, oil and gas and industry. Its products and solutions are “intended to fulfil market demands, and operate in extremely harsh conditions”, said the company. Álvaro Fraguela, Sales Director of Gefico, global leader providing water treatment solutions for the maritime and offshore industry, tells us the latest news for their upcoming projects.


What have been the key factors to becoming an internationally referred company after these 40 years?
Mainly we have been a professional, accessible and solvent company, putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes, to help them find the best solution to their needs. We have also built a strong network, based on confidence and transparency, with the best partners and influencers in the industry. They have been crucial for our development, taking care of our culture, our values and our brand.

After joining Gefico recently, what are your thoughts about the company?
Undoubtedly, our main strength is our team. Graduates, Engineers, Doctors and highly experienced technicians make the work environment really professional, for what is a continuous challenge to be always on top. To summarize some of our main figures, that speak for themselves: more than 12,000 water treatment systems provided, over 7,000 installations, 1,200 customers worldwide, a distribution network covering 48 countries. Thus I feel very proud of joining this company, where I wish to learn a lot from my colleagues and provide my grain of knowledge to keep us on this successful path.

Why choose Gefico?
We design and build robust, reliable and long-lasting machines to minimize potential problems on board. We use the best raw materials to achieve that, providing a fast spare part service (24/48h anywhere on the globe). Our products are also user-friendly, and easy to maintain. We have competitive, fair prices for both units and spare parts (some competitors offer low price units, but then increase the price of spares dramatically). We would dare to say that “we are the Volvo of the water industry”.

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